I was having some issues with a certain rails site not working when run as fastcgi (worked as mongrel and webrick), in my process of debugging i realised the server i run the app on (Debian) didn’t have the latest rubygems.

It had version 0.9.0 (at time of writing 0.9.2 was latest), naïvely i thought rubygems could be to blame!

Unfortunately the newest Debian rubygems package was 0.9.0 (even in unstable!), for the life of me i could not locate a 3rd party .deb.

No problems… compile from source it is!

Now I’m getting even worse errors trying to run the fastcgi (how bizare)

Try mongrel again…. Uh Oh!! doesn’t work!

Yes i managed to break the rails hosting server i run for multiple clients, and new rails processes would not run.

bit of debugging later.. Errr where did all the system gems go??

What happened is..

Debian rubygems stores its gem archive in: /var/lib/gems/1.8/ ,
whereas the compiled rubygems default was: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/

I could have possibly symbolic linked or copied the files to new location, but to be on the safe side i just reinstalled them all

NOW… i REALLY have to get that virtual server setup at home so i can test system changes on a non production system!

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